Quality craft brewed traditionally made beers and gin made by Bluestone Brewery in Whitworth Lancashire.
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Large 70cl bottles as well as 250ml smaller bottles also 50ml miniature tasters,and sets all delivered to your door.
AKA Amber Kitchen Ale. Based on an old recipe this is a a mild/brown ale type beer at 4.4% ABV lightly hopped with two types of English hops with a caramel & liquorice malty flavour.
EPA English Pale Ale. A traditional dry pale ale of 4.2% ABV Four hop additions with three types of English hops.
Clear as a bell with strong malt & hop flavours.
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by Glen Speak 2017
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Bluestone Brewery.
Bluestone Imperial Stout.
Strong enough to blow your socks off @ 7.5%
Rich roasted flavours with liquorice and spice.
Limited supplies, only available in bottles at present.
Bluestone Spodden Pilsner, 4.4% ABV Full bodied golden pilsner type beer.
Made with our own modern take on traditional methods, and Authentic Bohemian ingredients
Bluestone 'Owd Nip'
Barley wine.
Strong enough at 7.8% ABV a richly flavoured beer with Orange and Cinnamon.
Only available in bottles at present, limited stocks.
Originally brewed for Remembrance Day but brewed a lot more since.
A dark stout of 4.2% ABV with liquorice and spice, nice strong malt flavours.
Our next adventure in the beverage industry.
Now available at 40% ABV, infused with 9 great Bottanicals and distilled in a copper pot still.
Bluestone Brewery

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